Session III: Hydrogen Production in Kazakhstan and Trans-Caspian Hydrogen Transportation

February 22, 2024

In a world facing increasing challenges related to the urgent need for sustainable energy solutions, this conference session explores hydrogen production technologies and transportation ways forward.

This session delves into the latest developments in hydrogen transportation ways and hydrogen pilot projects in Kazakhstan, sustainable practices, and their integration with hydrogen technologies to drive a greener future. This conference session will bring together energy experts, hydrogen technology specialists, policymakers, and stakeholders to shed light on the synergies between green transition policy, business, and geo-political approaches.


This session aims to chart a path towards a more sustainable and eco-friendly future. By focusing on the green transition process, renewable energy, and appropriate logistic ways, accounting for which will allow Kazakhstan to become the world's largest exporter of green hydrogen already in this decade until 2030.


The policy briefs are available here.

Chair :

Mr. Alexey Kobzev,

Kazakh-German University, Казахстан

Chair :

Mr. Manuel Andresh,

Hydrogen Diplomacy Office Astana, Kazakhstan

Session partners:

Main speakers

Mr. Gumar Sergazin

Ministry of Energy of the RK, Kazakhstan

Dr. Sebastian Timmerberg

HAW-Hamburg, Germany

Dr. Saule Zholdayakova

KMG Engineering, Kazakhstan

Sergazin Gumar Ekpinovich. Director of the Department of Nuclear Energy and Industry at the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan, began his career in the ministry in 2014 For the past ten years, he has held leadership positions within the structure of the Ministry of Energy of the Republic of Kazakhstan. Sergazin Gumar is committed to a "green" policy and is actively involved in the development of nuclear and hydrogen energy in Kazakhstan. He regularly participates in international negotiations to protect national interests in the peaceful use of atomic energy and the development of hydrogen energy. He has contributed to identifying potential sites for nuclear power plants and evaluating technologies from global suppliers. Additionally, he maintains and develops contacts with the IAEA, international organizations, and conducts public outreach activities to ensure public acceptance of nuclear power plant construction in Kazakhstan.

Sebastian Timmerberg is a professor at the Hamburg University of Applied Sciences (HAW) and at the Competence Centre for Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency (CC4E). His primary focus lies in hydrogen production and transportation. His doctoral dissertation (Dr.-Ing.) addressed "Hydrogen Supply from North Africa to the EU" at the Technical University of Berlin. Additionally, Professor Timmerberg is a consultant in the "National Platform for the Future of Mobility", a member of the focus group "Alternative Fuels for Internal Combustion Engines", "Grüner Wirtschaftsdialog" and "Hydrogen Mobility" within the "Hydrogen Economy Network". Outside academia, Prof. Timmerberg advocates for international education. He is a founder and active member of "Studieren ohne Grenzen e.V." in Aachen, dedicated to expanding higher education opportunities in conflict regions. Prof. Timmerberg's contributions are evident in numerous publications, particularly in the field of hydrogen and its transportation.

Dr. Saule Zholdayakova has received a bachelor, master and doctoral degree from Tokai University (Japan) in Environmental Engineering and has 10 years of research experience in hydrogen energy systems and storage methods. Currently, Dr. Zholdayakova is working as Acting Head of the Department of Alternative Energy, Head of the Hydrogen Technologies Research Laboratory at KMG Engineering LLP to accomplish previous research tasks and bring green technologies into the oil industry. Top 30 Women Leaders in Oil and Gas of Kazakhstan, "International Expert on the list of Women in Green Hydrogen"


Mr. Yury Melnikov

United Nations Economic Commission for Europe (UN ECE)

Ms. Anna Kim

The AHK Central Asia, Kazakhstan

Mr. Nurbek Yessetov

Hydrogen Diplomacy Office Astana, Kazakhstan

Mr. Abylaikhan Soltanayev

DKU, Kazakhstan

Yury Melnikov is expert of the UNECE’s Hydrogen Task Force, experienced analyst and researcher in the energy sector with a robust engineering background. Proven track record in international projects spanning over 12 years, encompassing engineering consulting, energy policy and technology research, and business education. Well-connected within the expert communities of both European and former Soviet Union countries. Author of publicly available research and scientific articles focusing on hydrogen and the energy transition. A frequent speaker and moderator at international conferences.

Anna Kim has been working at AHK Central Asia since 2020. She holds a BA degree in foreign languages and an MA degree in international relations. She is responsible for the project “German Energy Solutions”. Since 2022 she has been a senior expert on Renewables and Hydrogen at the Competence Centre for Green Economy under the AHK Central Asia. She has carried out studies on energy-related topics (such as energy production in Uzbekistan with focus on PV and wind and energy energy in Kazakhstan), took part as a speaker and a moderator at expert conferences (Europe Caspian Forum, Energy Week Central Asia and Mongolia, 1st Kazakhstani-German Hydrogen Diplomacy Symposium). She is a co-author of the study “Hydrogen potential development areas in Kazakhstan” by dena.

Abylaikhan Soltanaev works at the Center for Natural Resources and Sustainability at the Kazakh-German University as a Scientific Coordinator of the International Master's Program in "Strategic Management of Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency." Additionally, he leads educational programs on Renewable Energy and Hydropower at the Almaty University of Energy and Communications (Energo University). He has been involved in the design and construction of Renewable Energy Station in Kazakhstan, as well as in the development of educational programs upon the request of the Ministry of National Economy and the Ministry of Education and Science of the Republic of Kazakhstan, including the course "Clean Energy Transition." He holds a Bachelor's degree in Electrical Power Engineering from the Almaty University of Energy and Communications and a Master's degree in Renewable Energy and Energy Systems Management from City, University of London. He is a scholar of the Bolashak International Scholarship Program.

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